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A.Thomas - Indians over Africa
Mohawk IV 2515 of 3 Squadron previously carried serial BB931 before it was transferred to SAAF charge on March 7, 1941.
Mohawk IV 2516 belonged to 3 Squadron SAAF and is believed to have been one of the aircraft detached for action against the Vichy French at Jibouti.
Mohawks were used extensively for fighter training both by the SAAF in the Union and by the RAF's 71 OTU at Gordon's Tree in the Sudan, with which AX891 served in late 1941.
Mohawk IV 2506 served in East Africa with 3 Squadron when it flew ground attack missions in the final actions against the Italians.
Parsonson's victim - Savoia I-LUNO burns after his attack on October 5, 1941.