Air International 2020-11
S.Rivas - Pampas head for higher ground
Argentina's main aircraft manufacturer, FAdeA, is currently developing the Block 2 upgrade of the model, which will receive a datalink to improve training and combat missions
Pampa aircraft manoeuvring over the Pampas lowlands in southern Buenos Aires province
A Pampa III climbing over the city of Tandil, in central Argentina, where the aircraft are based. The advanced jet has replaced the retired Mirage family until a new air superiority fighter is bought.
A row of Pampa IIIs from the 7th Air Brigade (VII Brigada Aerea) of the Argentine Air Force. Currently, the unit has seven aircraft but expects to receive a further three by 2021.
Two Pampas fly over the South Atlantic during a training sortie. The Argentine Air Force expects to add new weapons to the type, including gun pods, cluster bombs and guided weapons
The pilots of the Grupo 6 de Caza of the 6th Air Brigade (VI Brigada Aerea) posing with one of their aircraft
The Pampa cockpit features a single piece clamshell canopy and provides excellent visual range for both the trainee pilot and the flight instructor
The new cockpit of the Pampa III is fully compatible with night vision goggles, providing the pilots with a capability they did not have with their old Mirages