Air Enthusiast 2003-09
T.Buttler - Anti-submarine insurance
The prototype Gannet, VR546, which scooped the shipborne anti-submarine requirement.
WF632 performing at Farnborough. The press at the time nicknamed it 'Jumbo' because of its large 'nose'.
The only SB.3 to fly, WF632 displaying at the 1950 SBAC display at Farnborough.
Aspects of the Short SB.3.
The SB.3 experimental anti-submarine aircraft, covered in wool tufts for airflow tests.
Close-up of the radome and the forward 'office'. At least the view forward was good!
Blackburn's YA.5 WB781, competitor to the Gannet.
Even in its TT.2 target-tug version, the Sturgeon was a reasonable-looker. Not so the SB.3!