Air International 2020-11
A.Mladenov - Russia's 'old man of the sea' returns /Russian Review/
Currently, the fleet of eight Il-38N maritime patrol aircraft is serving with three MA VMF frontline squadrons, one assigned to the Northern Fleet and two more to the Pacific Fleet, operating at total of six upgraded Mays.
This Il-38N, side number Yellow 24, carries artwork themed on anti-submarine warfare and serves with the 317th OSAP at Yelizovo airfield on Kamchatka Peninsula, assigned to the Pacific Fleet
The Il-38 comes powered by four fuel-efficient AI-20M engines that drive a four-blade AV-64 propeller, which were retained unchanged in the upgraded Il-38N derivative.
The operator stations of a non-upgraded Il-38, comprising the sensor controls and displays of the Berkut ASW suite used for surface ship and underwater submarine search and tracking.