Air International 2020-11
F.Friz - Germany's SAR successor
The Bell UH-1D (c/n 8116, 70+56) gives way to its modern successor, the H145 LUH SAR (c/n 20308, 77+03)
Maj Gen Andreas Hannemann, Commander of the Rapid Forces Division (DSK) and his deputy, Brig Gen Andreas Pfeifer, with Niederstetten's Commander Col Peter Goehringer bid farewell to the Bell UH-1D (c/n 8428, 73+08)
At 91m, the H145's Goodrich rescue hoist cable is twice as long as the Huey's. Paired with the greater twin-engine power, it is possible to winch in rough or high terrain
The mission qualification training of the H145 includes low-level flying and confined area landings. Crews undertake daily training missions out of Niederstetten Air Base in Baden-Wurttemberg
With its side sliding doors and a large rear clamshell door, the H145 offers plenty of space for loading and unloading patients