Air International 2020-11
S.Rivas, J.Moralez - Pelicans in pursuit
The most important operations undertaken by the civilian police are always accompanied by SAT participation
The rear crew hangs out of the helicopter while on patrol in Sao Paolo. Personal lightweight radios allow communication with the pilots
Tactical assault with special forces allows the capture of an objective in just a few seconds
The black paint scheme used by the helicopters offers both visibility and a 'psychological impact' over criminals being tracked during operations
Special tactics are widely explored by SAT crews, including rappelling for quick response
The Sao Paulo State Civilian Police is planning to purchase a new helicopter for SAT, improving its activities and operational capacity
For riot control, SAT also gives support against illegal activities, including repossession of goods for private owners
The latest model received by SAT is an AS350BA with armoured protection, searchlight and digital moving map
During riots the SAT is employed for intelligence gathering and passing on the crucial information to command and control centres
The crew searches for 'vehicle-scrapping' sites while operating over the east side of Sao Paulo city and are always equipped with weapons, including 5.56mm and 7.62mm assault rifles
A twin-engine HB355F2 was operated by SAT for many years. It had a VIP interior, but the model is no longer in service