Air International 2020-11
H.-P.Grolleau - Phenix rising
A QRA Mirage 2000-5F breaks away from the tanker. The fighter is fitted with four Mica IR/EM live missiles
Two Rafales refuelling from underwing pods can be seen on the ARO’s screens
The A330 MRTT will soon be offered to the USAF as a replacement for its KC-10A Extender.
A Phenix sits on the ramp at Istres at the end of a training sortie
The distinctive 'swishing' paint scheme adopted for the French MRTTs
A pair of Mirage 2000Ds photographed from the A330's rear cabin
The Phenix has a state-of-the-art instrument panel with an additional screen to display tactical information.
The rear section of the main cabin can be fitted with 88 seats to accommodate engineers and support personnel
The size of the A330's cabin proved to be a major advantage when medevacs carried out COVID-19 missions earlier this year
The ARO (air refuelling operator) workstation in the rear of the cockpit.
A formation of four Mirage 2000D strike fighters has completed refuelling and will soon leave the tanker to perform the second part of its mission