Air International 2020-11
B.Taghvaee - Wings of hope
Three F-16C-40-CF Israeli fighters of the 101st 'The First Fighter' Squadron arrive at Germany's Norvenich Air Base on August 17, 2020. Two German Typhoons can be seen leading the formation
One of two F-16C-40-CFS of Israel's 101st Squadron participated in a MAGDAYs mission on August 27, 2020. The 'Boelcke' insignia of Germany's TLG31 squadron can be seen in the background
A formation flight with the G550 Nachshon Aitam, two F-16D-40-CFS of 105th Squadron and two Typhoon Tranche 2s of the Luftwaffe’s TLG31 prior to a memorial flight over Dachau concentration camp on August 18, 2020
An F-16D-40-CF of Israel's 105th Squadron and Typhoon Tranche 2 of the Luftwaffe's TLG31 prior to the memorial flight over Dachau on August 18, 2020
A Tornado IDS Interdiction-Strike Fighter of Germany's TLG33 seen during departure from Buchel Air Base during the last day of the MAGDAYs exercise on August 27, 2020
This Israeli C-130HI Karnaf was used for logistic support and transportation of ground crews and equipment of the IAF’s F-16s before to their landing in Norvenich on August 17, 2020
One of Germany's Typhoon Tranche 3As which participated in MAGDAYs can be seen in its hangar at Norvenich air base on August 24, 2020
This C-130J-30 Shamshon of the Israeli Air Force's 103rd Squadron was used for transportation of Israeli personnel from Norvenich to Nevaim on August 27, 2020