Air International 2021-01
V.Trendafilovski - Knights over Croatia
MiG-21 bisD s/n 117 and 118 in a dramatic takeoff as a pair with full afterburner on during the air-to-ground training in September 2020. Both carry four 16-shot UB-16-57UMP-73 rocket pods under their wings, but interestingly, there is nothing in them
MiG-21 bisD s/n 118 just moments before touching down at Pleso as it returns from an air-to-ground training flight in September 2020. It has four 16-shot UB-16-57UMP-73 rocket pods under the wings, all of them empty
MiG-21 bisD s/n 133, seen here returning to Pleso after a training flight as part of the QRA pair, was the single original ex-Algerian aircraft from the five acquired in Ukraine during 2014 and the last remaining in active service, the rest having been withdrawn in 2017
In July 2016, MiG-21 bis s/n 105 took on the role of a pole-mounted exhibit in the memorial park at the military barracks in Velika Buna, near Zagreb, seen here in 2020. Note its spurious three-tone paint scheme and the s/n 153 - the latter was the numerical designator of the wartime unit that used to be based here
Another view of MiG-21 bisD s/n 118 as it taxies at Pleso on March 7, 2018, on this occasion armed with R-60MK air-to-air missiles
A fine study of MiG-21 bisD s/n 116 preparing to land at Pleso after a training flight. Note its special tail marking, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the HRZ, applied in December 2016
The last two original modernised MiG-21 bisD aircraft to remain in active service were s/n 121 and 122. The latter is the oldest HRZ MiG-21 bis, seen here decelerating at Pleso in early May 2014. It is armed with a pair of R-60MK air-to-air missiles
MiG-21 bis s/n 105 of 21 EBA, photographed at its home base of Pleso in May 2002, shows the typical paint scheme found on ex-Soviet MiG-21 s acquired from Kyrgyzstan in 1993-1994. Note the absence of serials. This aircraft was withdrawn from service in February 2003
One of the five aircraft acquired from Ukraine in 2014 s/n 134 departs Pleso in August 2015. Originally sold to HRZ as an ex-Algerian Air Force aircraft, it was found to be an ex-Bulgarian aircraft, explaining why this aircraft sported a windshield found on aircraft produced in the 1980s
MiG-21UMD s/n 164 cycles its landing gear shortly after it took off from Pleso on an air-to-ground training flight in September 2020 armed with a pair of VAB-250 practice bombs
The business end of the two-seat MiG-21 UMD s/n 167 as it taxies at Pleso after returning from a training flight in August 2020. Note the instructor's periscope in the extended position on top of the rear canopy
This image, taken in early August 2014, shows MiG-21 UMD s/n 165 in the display scheme a few days after it was officially accepted into service following the overhaul in Ukraine. It has been 'undergoing maintenance' since August 2017 and is unlikely to return to service