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T.Batchelor - Tackling a deadly threat
An easyJet Airbus A320 on the apron at Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion in March 2019, showing the damage caused by a birdstrike
После столкновения с птицами этому A320 пришлось совершить вынужденную посадку на Гудзон. 15 января 2009 г.
All passengers and crew onboard the US Airways flight 1549 survived the accident dubbed the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’
The aftermath of the US Airways crash into the Hudson River in New York on January 15, 2009
Birds can cause headaches for pilots, even at busy international hubs
East Sussex-based Scarecrow uses technology to help airports to avoid airborne threats
Eastern Air Lines Flight 375 was brought down by a bird strike in Boston, Massachusetts in October 1960
The aftermath of the birdstike involving Ural Airlines Flight 178
Despite numerous advances in technology, birds continue to pose a threat to commercial aircraft
US aviation pioneer, Calbraith Perry Rodgers, had the dubious honour of being the first pilot killed as a result of a bird strike
Rodgers ' aircraft crashed into the ocean off Long Beach, California after striking a flock of seagulls on April 3, 1912