Air International 2021-02
B.Taghvaee - Auf Wiedersehen Warhawks
USAF 1st Lt Russel Blair, 480th Fighter Squadron, flies alongside the port wing of fellow 480th FS pilot, Capt Dominic Collins, above Germany on July 1, 2020
KC-135R tops up F-16C 91-0360 over the south of Iraq on April 29, 2016. Under the left wing is a 500lb GBU-38 JDAM equipped with a DSU-33 proximity sensor (white), accompanied by a 500lb GBU-54 laser JDAM equipped with a black SDU-38 laser seeker loaded on a BRU-55/A twin bomb rack under the right wing. It also has four GBU-39 SDBs under the right wing as well as a pair of AIM-9Xs and two AIM-120D air-to-air missiles
For training missions, the F-16C/Ds of the 480th FS are regularly fitted with the AN/ASQ-T50(V) Tactical Combat Training System (TCTS) under the left wing, a CATM-9M captive training missile under the right wing, and a pair of CATM-120C on their wingtips. They also have a Sniper advanced targeting pod and an AN/ASQ-213A HARM Targeting Pod (HTS) installed
F-16C 91-0402 taking part in the SEAD exercise, Inihios 2019, at Andravida Air Base, Greece
F-16C 91-0343 just prior to an airstrike in Syria on April 21, 2016. This specific jet dropped 134 precision guided bombs during Operation Inherent Resolve
F-16D Block 50s 91-0472 is one of only two dual-seaters serving the 480th. With it, carrying less fuel, the F-16Ds carry a centre-line external fuel tank