Air International 2021-02
A.Ventner - Hell and back with Hips and Hinds
In a remote corner of the Central African Republic, with a UN Hind hovering overhead, a fighting column is deployed to oust rebels from a village
Former British SAS operative Fred Marafano about to board Ellis's Hind at Freetown's Aberdeen Barracks
The infamous Neall Ellis in his Mi-24 cockpit
A Senegalese Hind gets a salute prior to heading out from Bangui, Central African Republic
A Sierra Leone Air Wing MI-24V gets ready for take-off. By 2008, this helicopter was lying derelict at Cockerill Barracks in Freetown
The author strapped into the gunner's front bubble seat of an Mi-24 during the gruelling civil war in Sierra Leone that ran from 1991-2002
A French mercenary side-gunner on board Ellis's Mi-24 during the civil war in Sierra Leone
Chopper down! One less Mi-24 in Sierra Leone after a bird strike
One of the UN Hips currently giving top cover in the Central African Republic
An East African brown-out involving a Hip