Air International 2021-02
P.Eden, B.Ward - Sidesticks and soft stops
All four Relentless prototypes came together for this formation photo early in September 2020. The aircraft's retractable undercarriage combines with its clean airframe to deliver considerable fuel burn savings compared with helicopters offered by Bell's competitors
At first glance, Bell's 525 leaves an impression of sleek lines and huge windows. A true 21st-century helicopter, it has all the capability to match its futuristic looks
A large-diameter, five-bladed main rotor provides the Relentless with low rotor disc loading, reducing downwash. This is particularly important for SAR and casevac/HEMS operators
The Relentless boasts a simple, uncluttered cockpit arrangement, thanks in part to its incorporation of sidestick controllers
The Garmin G5000H avionics suite installed in the Relentless includes four primary and three secondary screens, including this touchscreen in the central console
A helicopter that will accommodate 16 passengers in comfort inevitably offers luxurious options for VIP and corporate configurations. The large cabin windows are particularly evident in this mock-up view
Even equipped for the somewhat utilitarian mission of oil and gas support, the Relentless offers comfortable accommodation. Byron Ward, the Bell 525 programme vice president, said that even with 16 seats installed, every passenger can touch an emergency exit from their seat