Aeroplane Monthly 1979-01
CHARLES E. BROWN'S study of a Vampire F Mk III of the Royal Norwegian Air Force over mountainous country was taken during a joint exercise with the RAF, when Lincolns and Lancasters made mock day and night attacks on Norway from English bases.
A crewman's view from the rear cockpit of Fairey Swordfish LS326 of the Fleet Air Arm Historical Flight
The Spanish-built Jungmann owned and flown by Neil Jensen, photographed near Redhill by Bill
The Pitts Special flown by Philip Meeson, current British Aerobatic Champion, and was taken over Northamptonshire by DAVID COCKROFT in May of last year.
Philip Meeson, the current British Aerobatic Champion, photographed by David Cockroft while performing over the Northamptonshire countryside in May 1978.
Vickers Victoria VI K3159 of 70 Squadron, RAF, was photographed by The Aeroplane before it was converted to a Valentia in November 1935. It met its end on April 4, 1936, when it was hit by a flare and caught fire.