Aeroplane Monthly 1979-01
I.Huntley - Fairey's elusive Fox
"THROWING IT ABOUT": Captain Norman Macmillan making a nearly-vertical turn at low altitude on the Fairey "Fox."
Fairey chief test pilot Norman Macmillan demonstrates the first production Fox I, J7941, at Northolt in 1926.
A Kestrel-engined Fox IA of B Flight, 12 Squadron, displaying the unit's fox's-head badge on its fin.
A pair of Fox Is of "Shiny Twelve", J7950 and J7954, with radiators lowered and the early unit marking on their fins.
The prototype Fairey Fox in RAF livery but still without identity, possibly at the Andover display on July 29, 1925.
The Fox prototype during an early public appearance, now with roundels and rudder stripes.
The first production Fox I, J7941, with Capt Norman Macmillan lending scale to the 38ft span biplane in 1926. The aircraft was large for a single-bay machine, and tends to look deceptively small unless someone is posed by it.
Felix-engined Fox J7948 with 12 Squadron in 1927. In spite of military fittings (note the radio generator panel below the rear cockpit), it still looks sleek.
The Fox Is of 12 Squadron at Blackpool Air Pageant on July 7, 1928.
Fairey Fox Mk 1