Aeroplane Monthly 1979-01
B.Gunston - The luckless Lerwick
The first prototype Lerwick, L7248. Note the original fin and rudder, wing floats without step and the absence of rear turret.
The first of the few, Lerwick prototype L7248 at Cowes shortly after completion, showing the original stubby fin and rudder. It is unarmed, has a dummy tail turret, and stepless floats.
The second Lerwick, L7249, taking off at Cowes in 1939. Note the primer finish on the newly-modified rudder.
Lerwick L7250, the third of its kind, served with 209 Squadron, 4 OTU and 422 Squadron RCAF during its life. It was finally left unserviceable at Pembroke Dock on October 19, 1942.
L7253 at Calshot in January 1940, as WQ-F of 209 Squadron. It crashed on February 20, 1940, and was written off.
A Lerwick out of water, with the beaching gear in evidence. The problems of engine access with a beached high-wing flying boat are amply demonstrated by the “siege tower” beneath the port wing.
Early Lerwicks under production, with L7252 behind.
Lerwick L7250 during launch.