Aeroplane Monthly 1979-01
R.Riding - A.N.E.C Missel Thrush /British pre-war ultralights/
The Missel Thrush seen shortly after completion, with 35 h.p. Blackburne Thrush three-cylinder engine.
SOME MORE COMPETING MACHINES: The ill-fated Anec IV (Siddeley "Genet II"), which, piloted by G. N. Warwick, crashed into the hills near Peebles. The Anec IV was designed by Mr. Bewsher and built by the Air Navigation Company. Originally it was fitted with a Blackburne "Thrush," but recently an Armstrong-Siddeley "Genet" was substituted, with a considerable gain in power.
The ANEC IV Missel Thrush with 80 h.p. Genet II, faired cockpit and wing centresection fuel tank, taking off from Hendon on July 20 during the start of the 1928 King’s Cup Race.
"BANKING ACCOUNTS" AT LYMPNE: 4. Col. Henderson on No. 13, the A.N.E.C. "Missel-Thrush," in the Grosvenor Race.
Aptly bearing the competition No 13, the repaired Missel Thrush flying during one of its rare trouble-free moments at Lympne in September 1926.
The same aircraft, doped dark red and with white registration letters.
A.N.E.C. Missel Thrush