Aeroplane Monthly 1979-03
C.Barnes - Gnosspelius Gull /British pre-war ultralights/
THE GNOSSPELIUS "GULL" TAKING OFF: The unconcerned attitude of the pilot will be observed, indicating the easy handling of the machine
The first Gull, G-EBGN, taking off from Lympne in June 1923. The pilot doesn't seem to be looking where he is going.
This plan view of the Gull in flight emphasises the angular cut to its wings and tailplane.
THE GNOSSPELIUS "GULL": This photograph shows the machine being brought out for a flight. Note the long grass on Lympne aerodrome.
Long grass was a great handicap for ultra lights. This picture was taken during the Grosvenor Cup Race at Lympne on June 23, 1923.
ATTENDING TO THE BLACKBURNE ENGINE: This photograph gives a good idea of the engine mounting and chain transmission to the twin pusher propellers. On the left is seen Major Gnosspelius, the designer of the "Gull."
Maj Gnosspelius, on the left, watches as his Gull's little two-cylinder vee Blackburne motor-cycle engine is tended.
At Lympne: No.19, the Gnosspelius "Gull," coming in after a flight.
The protruding cylinders, semi-faired undercarriage and nose-mounted pitot head are well shown in this photograph.