Air Enthusiast 1996-07
J.Lyzun - Twenty Faithful Years. The B-25 in RCAF Service
Former photo-ship 891 in service with 418 Squadron.
Bombing up ‘City of Saskatoon’ Mitchells for Exercise ‘Sundog III’ in February 1952.
Former photo-ship 891 in service with 418 Squadron as a crew trainer. The painted and sealed ‘greenhouse’ was an identifying feature of aircraft used in this role.
Mitchells (HD344 nearest camera) of 406 ‘City of Saskatoon’ Squadron. Evident are the fixed guns and Venturi shell ejector on the starboard nose and the tail gunner position that differed from the ‘J’ model.
Unidentified B-25D of 5 OTU on the ramp with visiting aircraft at Boundary Bay, BC. Initially, the RCAF requested that camouflage and turrets be removed before delivery as neither was needed. This was forgone for the sake of speedier delivery.
B-25D crew trainer KL139 of the FIS at Trenton.
‘Saskatoon Sassy’ artwork on the nose of a 406 Squadron Mitchell.
Mitchell II ‘LU’ of 5 OTU (of the later ‘KL’ batch) at Fort William, 1945.
Black and yellow striped Mitchell II HD326 target tug of the Air Armament School, Trenton, 1950.
Line up of 406 Squadron Mitchells on winter exercise, circa 1954.
KL148 flew in many configurations with a number of units. Here in the employ of 126 Ferry and Acceptance Flight in the mid 1950s.
Mixed formation of 406 Squadron (‘XK-’ codes) B-25Js and 418 Squadron (‘HO-’ codes) B-25Ds.
Judging by the nose graffiti, this former 5 OTU Mitchell obviously passed through Calgary en route from an Alberta storage depot to Avro’s overhaul facility at Toronto.
5255, Al model Mitchell of 2 AOS at Winnipeg.
Crews from 13 Squadron use an overcast day to prepare 892 for the next photo mission.
USAAF F-10 129929 thought to be from the 3rd Photo Recon Squadron operating out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, autumn 1943.
Taken shortly after the war, the roundel of 891 sports a small maple leaf in the red centre. Note revised oblique camera ports.
Lovely aspect of a RCAF B-25J in postwar colours. The Mitchell served the RCAF for very near 20 years in a variety of roles
B-25J 5262 over Ottawa, Ontario, September 1955.
B-25J 5258, also of 2 AOS, 1955.
B-25Js of 2 AOS, Winnipeg, 1955.
5248, one of the B-25Js remodelled for VIP duties with 412 Squadron.
Air Transport Command scheme on a TB-25M.
One of the two wartime B-25Js, KJ641, fitted with underwing gas canisters while serving with the Chemical Warfare Unit.
AI model Mitchell of 2 AOS, Winnipeg. Note underwing identification, common only on training aircraft in the RCAF.
Postwar B-25Js were refitted with the same armament package as the earlier ’Ds in auxiliary service. ‘Gabriel Dumont’, 5267, at Winnipeg awaiting delivery to 406 Squadron.
A TB-25K still in USAF markings shortly after delivery to 2 AOS. It became 5273.
Solid nose B-25J 5220 serving with Air Transport Command