Air Enthusiast 1996-07
A.Robertson - In from the Cold. Avro 504L Seaplane G-EASD
Tony Ditheridge holding the rudder of G-EASD, on the right is an AJD Avro 504 replica under way.
Avro 504 replica under way in AJD Sudbury workshop.
With a south coast pier in the background and ladder awaiting, Eastbourne Aviation personnel tempt the next ‘punters’ to a joyflight in G-EASD during the summer of 1920.
George Spaak poses with his Avro 504L seaplane, S-AHAA.
A set of original 504 skis found in Sweden, resting on a section of the fuselage.
Avro 504J replica ‘C4451’, an example of AJD’s superb workmanship, is displayed inside the Hall of Aviation at Southampton.
Rustic scene, showing the Avro on wheeled undercarriage and wearing the registration S-AAP. Einar Danielsson is standing on the wheel.
Original flight instruments from the Swedish Avro.
The result of Spaak’s forced-landing of December 13, 1927.
The oldest extant UK registered aircraft is the BAT FK-23 Bantam G-EACN, registered on May 29, 1919. It is seen here with temporary markings K-123. The remains, once part of the Shuttleworth collection are now under restoration in Amsterdam.