Air Enthusiast 1996-07
J.Smith - Mau Mau! A Case Study in Colonial Air Power
DH Vampire FB.9 WR251, 8 Squadron, Kenya, 1954.
Vampire FB.9s of 8 Squadron over typical Kenyan terrain during their brief deployment in 1954.
North American Harvard IIB KF348, 1340 Flight, Kenya, 1953-1955.
Harvard IIB of 1340 Flight at low level over the Kenyan scrub. Note the bomb racks.
Bristol Sycamore HR.14, used for casevac flights out of Eastleigh.
PAW Piper Tri-Pacer dropping supplies to troops within the prohibited area.
A PAW Tri-Pacer at rest among the hangar area at Eastleigh.
Avro Lincoln B.2 RE299, 214 Squadron, Kenya, 1954.
Lincoln B.2 RF555 of 61 Squadron over Kenya
No 100 Squadron deployed to Kenya January to March 1954, coming from, and returning to, Wittering. B.2 RF507 ‘HW-G’ during a deployment to Malaya in 1950.
Bombing-up 49 Squadron Lincoln B.2 RF444 at Eastleigh, 1953.