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C.Owers - HS 'boats
Curtiss HS-1L A-1617, NAS Pensacola, Florida, USA, circa 1918.
Curtiss HS-1L A-2231, NAS Pensacola, Florida, USA, circa 1918.
Curtiss HS-1L ‘LV-12’ of NAS l’Aber Vrach, France, 1918.
Curtiss HS-2L A-2078, NAS Pensacola, Florida, USA, circa 1918.
Curtiss HS-2L A-2080, operating in Florida, circa 1920.
Rear view of A-2076, a HS-1L with revised centre-section. The insignia on the forward hull appears to be the ‘Hat-in-the-Ring’.
The HS-1L was a typical rugged Curtiss product. This photograph, dated April 27, 1918, is probably of a training machine. Note the cylindrical over-wing gravity tank.
Curtiss HS-1L A-2097 of NAS Pensacola. Note the insignia of a winged figure riding a bomb
Close-up of Curtiss HS-1L A-1735 of NAS Pensacola. Note the ‘Hat-in-the-Ring’ insignia. It is not known if this preceded that used by the AEF in France.
NAS Pensacola, Florida, was one of the major users of the Curtiss HS-1L for training during the war years. Aircraft from three of the four squadrons which used the type at Pensacola are shown here.
Two Curtiss HS-1Ls with late centre-sections. Note the hull of a twin-engined flying-boat in the background
HS-1Ls lined-up on the apron at NAS Brest, France
Postwar view of HS-2L A-2080.
HS-1L from NAS Pensacola painted up for Christmas. Markings indicate this as a postwar photograph.
The colours and nose markings of this HS-2L indicates that the photograph was taken postwar. It appears to be A-1147 which would imply an LWF-built example.
Davis Gun-equipped HS-2L. The Bureau Number appears to be A-1887. Note the Lewis Gun fitted for aiming.
Assembling Curtiss HS-1Ls at Brest, France, November 1918.
LWF-built HS-1L A-1352. Note insignia.
Curtiss built HS-1L A-2078 with improved centre-section, NAS Pensacola, September 1919. The aircraft is equipped to tow a banner for air-to-air gunnery. Note the winged ‘Ace of Spades’ insignia.
The Curtiss HS-1 was a conversion of the twin-engined H-14. The three-bladed propeller is not evident in this view.
Manhandling a Curtiss HS-1L ashore.
Curtiss seaplanes of a remarkable variety served the US Navy during the 1914-1918 War. Here a HS-1L leads a line-up which includes an MF flying-boat and N-9 floatplanes.
HS-2L from NAS Miami having suffered a collapse of the horizontal tailplane after an Aeromarine seaplane hit its tail at about 200ft altitude. The crew were extremely lucky to escape. September 1918.
Curtiss HS-2L
Upper surface markings of typical USN HS-1L 1918/early 1919.
Upper surface markings as per USN orders of August 1919.