Air Enthusiast 2003-11
G.Salerno - Over the Poles
An R4D-5 taking off from the carrier USS 'Philippine Sea' as the beginning of High Jump.
Douglas R4D-5s at Little America IV, during Operation High Jump in 1947, with stoves connected to the engines.
Lockheed P2V-1 89084 'Seabiscuit' as modified in 1946 for the proposed flight from New Zealand to the South Pole and on to Chile.
Curtiss SB2Cs of VB-74 on the USS 'Midway' during Frostbite, 1946.
A Bell HTL-7 of HC-4 during a glacier survey in Greenland.
A Loening OL-8A flying over the Isanatski Volcano in the Aleutians during the Alaskian expedition od 1932.
Red overall Curtiss R4C-1 9584 at West Base, Marie Byrd Land, 1940.
In Operation High Jump, the US Coast Guard used its first helicopter type, a Sikorsky HNS-1 from the deck of the icebreaker 'Northwind'.
Ski-equipped Noorduyn JA-1 unloading from the 'Mount Olympus' for the 1946-47 expedition.
Float-equipped SOC Seagull on the seaplane tender USS 'Pine Island' in Antarctica, 1947.
Douglas RD-2 9348 of VJ-1 was used during the 1934 Alaska expedition.
Diring Operation Windmill, the icebreaker USS 'Edisto' embarked a J2F-6 Duck for observation and rescue duties.
The USS 'Burton Island' navigates among floating ice during High Jump. On the stern is a wooden helicopter deck with a Sikorsky HO3S-1 of VXE-3, while amidships is a Grumman J2F-5.
A USCG J2F-6 Duck operating from the icebreaker 'Northwind'.
A formation of Consolidated PB4Y-1Ps of VP-61 survey in Alaska in 1948.
The Beech 'Staggerwing' on the unfortunate Snow Cruiser of the 1939 expedition.
HOS-1 75612 of VXE-3 rises from a seaplane tender during High Jump.