Air Enthusiast 1994-12
P.London - Island Pioneers
Short 184 seaplane of the type subcontracted by both J S White and S E Saunders.
BE.2 and Perry-Beadle flying-boat in the Saunders workshop, autumn 1913.
S E Saunders produced 24 Norman Thompson NT.2Bs.
Sole example of the Bristol Burney X.3 experimental hydrofoil aircraft.
Production of Felixstowe F.2A flying-boats under way by S E Saunders, summer 1918. n4453
Felixstowe F.5 N178 was fitted with an experimental hollow-bottomed hull in an effort to improve water performance.
Wight Baby seaplane 9098 at the Isle of Grain. The classical extended Wight fin is shown to advantage.
Saunders built 50 hulls for Norman Thompson’s NT.4s and (illustrated) NT.4As.
August 1913: Sopwith Seaplane off Saunders’ premises at East Cowes prior to erection.
Wight No 1 Seaplane at East Cowes, summer 1913.
Wight No 2 Navyplane at White’s Gridiron Yard, 1913.
Wight ‘Improved’ Twin Seaplane 1451 at Felixstowe for trials, armed with a torpedo.
Roger Ravaud’s Flyer on the River Medina, Cowes, 1911. Saunders’ new shed is being erected in the background.
Wight 840 1400, the first Beardmore-built example, being set upon the Clyde, September 1915.
Wight 840 Landplane Bomber N.501, the sole example, summer 1916.
Wight Type 840 prototype 835 off west Cowes, spring 1915.
‘Converted’ Seaplane prototype off White’s premises at west Cowes, complete with bomb-racks. Note the large, four-bladed propeller.
Final version of the Quadruplane with revised empennage, taken at Brooklands.
Only known photograph of the T.1, showing revised exhaust and large four-bladed propeller.