Air Enthusiast 1995-09
J.Godwin - Wings to the Cape
The Silver Queen on the compass turntable at Brooklands.
Natives haul the Silver Queen out of the mud at Livingstone.
The crash of Silver Queen II at Bulawayo.
The Handley Page O/400 G-EAMC at Assiut, Egypt.
The wreck of Handley Page south of Wadi Halfa.
The Times’ Vimy at Heliopolis, Cairo.
The Times’ machine, Vimy Commercial G-EAAV with Dr Chalmers Mitchell third from right.
The wreckage of The Times’ machine at Tabora.
DH.14A G-EAPY of Cotton and Townshend.
The upturned DH.14A after the crash near Messina.
The Voortrekker lands at Young’s Field, Wynberg, Cape Town, March 20,1920