Air Enthusiast 2000-11
G.Cruz - Homegrown 'Pedros' (1)
Los Llanos-based 13 Regimiento received the first B.2Hs in September 1952. This view, taken in the spring of 1953, shows the new B.2Hs and, in the background, some of the previous Ju 88s.
B.2H-37 (c/n 033) in the markings of 11 Regimiento. It was first flown in August 1951, being issued to 11 Regimiento in 1953. Note the tail emblem, inherited by 13 Regimiento's 12 Grupo from the wartime 3-G-28. Camouflage scheme is of the most widely-used version.
B.2H-42 (c/n 048) made its first flight on November 1951, and was delivered to 13 Regimiento in September 1952.
'90-13' is one of the first T.8 transports delivered to the EdA. Complete identification is not possible, owing to the absence of the EdA tail serial.
B.2H-49, a C-2.111A, in 11 Regimiento markings. It sports the second variant of the wartime camouflage pattern. White-outlined fuselage and tail codes indicate that this picture was taken after 1951.
Probably the first C-2.111 built in Spain, believed taken at Tablada in 1950. Note original spinners and VS-11 propellers.
One of 11 Regimiento's first B.2Hs and one of the first series as it is fitted with two of the few propellers acquired directly from Germany. Other noteworthy details are fuselage code numbers, which are not white-outlined, and the tail emblem.
Probably taken late in 1951, a poor-quality picture, but revealing several interesting details. The B.2H in the background wears the emblem of the wartime SM.79-equipped 4-G-28. When 11 Regimiento came into being, it was painted on some of its SM.79s. Later, the Savoias were superseded by B.2Hs and it seems that 11 Regimiento CO intended to perpetuate the emblem, but only a few B.2Hs sported it in the event. The spinner in the foreground shows the shaft box that had to be fitted to the Jumo 211F-2s in order to them them to the licence-built de Havilland HL 302.644 propeller.
Likely to be one of the first B.2HRs, probably B.2HR-61, soon after being delivered to 96 Escuadrilla del Servicio Fotografico y Cartografico, at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid