Air Enthusiast 2000-11
R.Leach - For Faith and Freedom (3)
Present-day Waddington is dominated by the Sentries of 8 and 23 Squadrons and by the huge hangar they operate from.
Boeing Sentry AEW.1 ZH101 flying the flash of 8 Squadron. The unit reformed at Waddington in July 1991 and was joined by 23 Squadron - co-operating the same fleet of aircraft - in September 1993.
The Waddington-based joint trials unit was tasked with developing training schedules and operating procedures for the ill-fated Nimrod AEW.3.
No.51 Squadron's reclusive Nimrod R.1 'spooks' have been resident at Waddington since April 1995.
A 50 Squadron Vulcan K.2 tanker, shadowing a Soviet Tupolev 'Bear'.
The first Avro Vulcan course, 230 OCU at Waddington.
Waddington Vulcan B.1s on the Operational Readiness Platform of Runway 21.
A Waddington Vulcan B.1 streams its 'chute' at Waddington. Note the City of Lincoln crest on the tail fin - this has been carried by all Waddington aircraft since the granting of the Freedom of the City.
Two of the developmental Avro 707s were assembled at neighbouring Bracebridge Heath, trundled down the A15 Road and flight tested from Waddington. Avro 707C WZ744 first flew from there on July 1, 1953.