Aeroplane Monthly 1979-08
On May 14, 1979 North American Harvard 3 NZ1085/ZK-ENM and Harvard 2A NZ1056/ZK-ENL arrived in Sydney, Australia, having flown from New Zealand via Norfolk Island. Both are destined for the Moorabbin Aircraft Museum PETE ANDERSON photographed them off the New South Wales coast, near Bulli, on May 19.
Lockheed S-3A Viking
The Albatros DVa reproduction belonging to Leisure Sport is finished in the colours of “Blitz,” the aircraft flown by Lt Hans Joachim von Hippel of Jasta 5 in 1918.
FRANK B. MORMILLO’S photo depicts one of two newly-restored Republic P-47 Thunderbolts whose display formed the highlight of the Thunderbolt Pilots Association reunion at Chino, California, on May 12 this year.