Air International 2002-07
B.Walters - Taking the road to recovery /Commercial/
Swiss International Airlines is a new airline poised to supplant both Swissair and the latter's regional subsidiary, Crossair. However, the new airline is unusual in offering a high-quality service rather than taking the low-cost path favoured by some other carriers. Rather than stack 'em high at low fares, Swiss International Airlines intends to increase seat pitch in all classes and provide better in-flight services.
Scandinavian Airline System is attempting to attract passengers by lowering fares for business passengers without going the whole hog to become a low-cost carrier.
Some airlines offer more leg room to passengers paying the full economy fare but those who seek bargain fares must expect minimum standards. United Airlines has been promoting its 'five extra inches' for an economy fare, while other carriers opt to offer something between the spacious (but expensive) business class and 'back packer' cheaper seats at the rear of the cabin.