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S.Flores - Ace in a Day
Captain Oscar Perdomo in the cockpit of Republic P-84B Thunderjet FS-573, ‘Meat Chopper’, while assigned to the 14th FG, 49th FS, Dow Field, Maine.
Пара Ки 43-II Оцу с подвесными топливными баками
The Japanese fighter that the 507th thought it encountered over Keijo (Seoul) Korea on August 13, 1945 - the Nakajima Ki-43 ‘Oscar’.
Lt Oscar F Perdomo of the 464th FS, 507th FG, with a North American P-51D Mustang of the 348th FG at Ie Shima 1945.
Republic P-47N-2-RE 44-88211, 464th Fighter Squadron, 507th Fighter Wing, Ie Shima, August 1945 following the ‘Ace in a Day’ mission of 13th August. Flown by Lt Oscar F Perdomo, aircraft named ‘Lil Meaties Meat Chopper’.
Lt Oscar Perdomo being congratulated by Frank Parker, Republic’s Chief Test Pilot, after his successful mission, August 1945.
Lt Oscar F Perdomo in his Republic P-47N-2-RE Thunderbolt ‘44’, later coded ‘146’, 464th FS, 507th FG, Ie Shima 1945.
Perdomo’s wing man, during the August 13,1945 mission, 2nd Lt Harry M Steinshover, 464th FS, 507th FG, who finished the war with three victories, Ie Shima, August 1945.
The actual fighter that equipped the JAAF’s 22nd and 85th ‘Hiko Sentais ’, the Nakajima Ki-84 ‘Frank’, of which Perdomo shot down four.
G4M2A из 763-го авиаотряда, брошенный японцами на Филиппинах
На G4M2 применили ряд усовершенствований, включая более мощные двигатели Kasei и радар, что позволило использовать самолет в качестве носителя самолета-снаряда Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka, пилотируемого летчиком-камикадзе.
One type of Japanese aircraft encountered over Keijo, Korea, August 13, 1945, was the Mitsubishi G4M ‘Betty’, this example of the 763rd ‘Kokutai’ was found abandoned in the Philippine Islands.
Oscar Perdomo after leaving the USAF, circa 1968, Hillcrest Flying Service at Coveur d’Alene Airport, California, on the wing of a Grumman TBF Avenger converted for fire fighting duties.
One of Perdomo’s kills was a Yokosuka Type 93 intermediate trainer K5Y ‘Willow’.