Air Enthusiast 1997-01
K.Wixey - Incidental Combatant (2)
Fw 200B-1 ‘GF+GF’, originally D-ACWG ‘Holstein’ of DLH before being commandeered for military use.
A pre-series Fw 200C-0 military Condor transport without armament and used in the Norwegian campaign.
Fw 200C-3/U1 ‘KE+IV’ with revised armament in ventral gondola and hydraulically-operated forward turret housing one MG 151 cannon.
Бомбардировщик FW 200C-3/U2 (борт SG+KS)
The transition from airliner to commerce raider altered the smooth lines of the Condor’s fuselage considerably, but the big wings remained largely unaltered.
Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-3/U2 ‘SG+KR’ with Fw 19 forward dorsal turret and fitted with Lofte 7D bombsight.
Revised forward turret and swept hack wing leading edges are apparent on Fw 200C-3 ‘KF+IJ’.
The ultimate Condor (Fw 200C-8/U10) with extended gondola, larger outer nacelles to carry Hs 293A anti-ship missiles, Hohentwiel radar and Kehl/Strassburg guidance system. This particular machine was in Allied hands circa 1945.
An early production Fw 200C-1 coded 'BS+AG'.
Fw 200C-1 awaiting another Atlantic patrol.
Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-8/U10 Condor.