Air Enthusiast 1997-05
K.Conboy - From Flying Club to Front Line
An AVNK An-2 destroyed at Pochentong during the January 1971 sapper attack.
A civilian C-47 attempts to land at Pochentong airbase on March 16, 1975, as an ammunition dump burns in the background.
Khmer Rouge guerrillas posing in front of a civilian C-47 destroyed at Pochentong airbase, April 1975.
Two AVNK T-28s hit during the January 1971 attack. In the foreground is T-28A 51-3699.
Khmer Rouge propaganda photo showing six KAF UH-1Hs abandoned at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh, April 1975.
The Pochentong apron after the January 1971 attack. Damaged VNAF UH-1H 732 is in the centre.
One of two AC- 47 gunships turned over to the AVNK in June 1971
Interior of a AVNK AC-47 showing one of the 0.50in machine-guns