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D.Henley - Jet Age (1)
George Miles at the controls of his brainchild, the M.100 jet trainer. It made its first flight on May 15, 1957 from Shoreham wearing the ‘B Condition’ markings G-35-4. High hopes were placed on the elegant aircraft, which had been deliberately designed for local production by customers and to be developed into a ‘family’.
George Miles demonstrating the ease of access that the car-type doors afford the Student. The aircraft carries the tip tanks that held an additional 300lb (136kg) of fuel and the ‘B Condition’ identity G-35-4 on the fin.
The Student ‘sat’ low on the ground, allowing easy access to the engine and making pre-flight checks easy.
With the undercarriage tucked away, the Student was a delightful prospect from any angle, it is seen here in the silver and dark blue scheme it adopted in the early 1960s.
Miles M.100 Student
Fred Dunkerley in the M.77 Sparrowjet at Yeadon in May 1956 - he secured the SBAC Challenge Cup at this event. He did that again in 1957, but this paled in comparison to possessing the King’s Cup.
Comparison (as accurate as sources will allow) of the M.5 Sparrowhawk - black linework - with the M.77 Sparrowhawk - shading.
From June 1945 the M.5 Sparrowhawk G-ADNL was owned and flown by test pilot Geoffrey Alington and it was raced frequently, coming first in the 1950 Circuit of the Isle of Wight.