Air International 2021-03
M.Broadbent - Turn of the turboprop
An artist's impression of the ATR 42-600 STOL variant, due to enter service in 2022
ATR sees a bright future for its latest models
ATR is studying a new short take-off and landing variant of the ATR 42-600, pictured here on a recent demonstration tour in China.
Guernsey-based Aurigny ordered ClearVision
FedEx currently has 30 ATR 72-600 Freighters on order
Finnair has 12 ATR 72-500s which are operated by Nordic Regional Airlines
The Civil Aviation Administration of China undertook a test flight in France last July to certify the ATR
The Skylens offers pilots an enhanced vision system
Seven LD-3 containers or five pallets can be accommodated in the new ATR freighter