Авиация и Космонавтика 2010-01
Знаменательные даты I квартала 2010г. в области авиации
The Fabre Canard in flight and in its later form, just prior to its March 1911 mishap when, following a poorly judged landing by one of France's leading motor boat racers, it was damaged beyond economic repair. Ironically, the Canard had been severely damaged during the previous summer at the hands of another of France's prominent aviators. Fabre, it should be noted, who had nowhere near the flying experience of either man, managed to avoid inflicting such damage on his machine. As can be seen from the picture, the pilot sits astride the upper of the two 'fuselage' booms and controlled the top foreplane, elevator via a tiller-like arm that only appears to be directly attached to his head. The profile and inclination of the machine's three pontoon floats is also well illustrated in this view.