Aeroplane Monthly 1980-01
W.Haydon-Baillie - Haydon-Baillie Aircraft & Naval Collection
The enthustiastic ground support team in immaculate white overalls on the wing of the black T-33.
Ormond Haydon-Baillie and brother Wensley with their father, centre, in front of the black T-33 at Duxford.
Ormond Haydon-Baillie’s black T-33, G-OAHB, based at Duxford
Work is still continuing at Duxford restoring one of the Bolingbrokes to airworthy condition.
Sabre VI D-9540 just before being dismantled at Oberpfaffenhofen in July 1978.
Sabres D-9539 and 0113 at Dornier's Oberpfaffenhofen base. Note that the nearer aircraft is enjoying a light snack!
These three photographs show the Manching Sabre VI before and during dismantling. It was eventually stripped to bare metal and gutted prior to being removed by truck to the UK.
The wingless Sabres lie on the Wroughton hangar floor like stranded fish.
Sabre VI D-9540 and 0113 being stripped down.
The CF-100 Mk 4 G-BCYK/18393, also based at Duxford.
One of the Collection's two Meteors, WH291, a Mk 8.