Air Enthusiast 1998-11
N.Forder - From Wheels to Wings
Airco DH.9 F1258 on display at the Musee de l'Air at Le Bourget, France. In the nose is an S-D Puma.
RE.8 E254, an S-D-built presentation aircraft sponsored by the residents of Marple in Cheshire. It carries the larger style RE.8 fin.
RE.8 production line at S-D’s Parkside factory.
S-D-built RE.8 A3433 with original small fin. This aircraft crashed in May 1917 while being operated by 59 Squadron.
SR.2 C4541, the first of the Siskins fitted with an early version of the Jaguar engine in 1921.
S-D Sinaia J6858, with the extended engine nacelles (with roundel painted thereon) just visible. The man provides scale.
An RE.7 being assembled in what is believed to be, the S-D Parkside works.
RE.7 2353 was allocated to 21 Squadron RFC in January 1916.
RT.I B6626 with an RAF 4A for comparative trials.
B6627 showing the more streamlined and revised Hispano-Suiza installation in the second RT.1.
Mystery photograph! RT.I B6630 with the serial marked in a style not normally seen on S-D aircraft. It carries the legend ‘No.6’ on the fin. Five RE.8s were allocated for modification to RT.I standard. All records denote that only three were so modified. Even if there were five, how does B6630 merit No.6?
RT.1 B6625 with a Hispano-Suiza. This was the first aircraft to carry the S-D name.
An RT.I, believed to be B6627, having come to grief on the Isle of Grain, May 9, 1918.