Aeroplane Monthly 1980-02
Gravesend /Gone but not forgotten/ (7)
Bristol Blenheim I K7080 of No 139 Squadron, RAF, (Wyton) in 1938.
Bristol Blenheim L1453 of No 29 Squadron, RAF, (Debden) at Gravesend in 1939.
A pair of Hawker Hurricane I of No 79 Squadron (Biggin Hill) seen at Gravesend in 1939.
Gloster Gladiator I K7935 of 54 Squadron, RAF, (Hornchurch), seen at Gravesend in 1938.
The spuriously-registered DC-2 PH-FOK at Gravesend on January 19, 1935.
Percival Q-6 F-AQOK, later G-AFVC, shortly before the war.
An aerial view of Gravesend taken in March 1935. D.H. Moths G-AAVR, G-AACO and G-ABMZ, a B.A. Swallow and a Percival Gull stand in front of the main hangar.
A particularly happy Flight photograph of Miss Batten with her Gull. Note the large auxiliary tank in the cabin. The machine has a range of 2,400 miles.
Miss Jean Batten with her Percival Gull Sir G-ADPR at Gravesend in September 1936.
The South African-registered Mew Gull ZS-AHO, built for Captain S. S. Haise.
Alex Henshaw in Mew Gull G-AEXF after his return flight to the Cape, February 9, 1939.
The original prototype Mew Gull, G-ACND, at Gravesend in March 1934.
P. Q. Reiss helps Amy Johnson start D.H. Dragon G-AECZ during the time she flew for Air Dispatch Ltd.
Avro Avian G-AAHN under overhaul on August 3, 1937.
Gipsy-engined Comper Swift G-ABWW, April 1939.
The CLW Curlew metal two-seat trainer made its first flight at Gravesend.