Jane's All the World Aircraft 2000
Mil Mi-34P light multipurpose helicopter (1998)
Mi-34 rotor head (1996)
M-14V engine installation of the Mi-34, viewed from the port side (1998)
Instrument panel of the Mil Mi-34C (1998)
Mil Mi-34 two/four-seat training, competition and light transport helicopter (1993)
Model of the projected Mi-38 medium transport helicopter (1997)
Mil Mi-38 medium-range helicopter to replace the Mi-8/17 (1995)
MD Explorer operated in Japan by Aero Asahi (1998)
Belgian Gendarmerie/Rijkswacht Explorer (1999)
Dual-pilot instrument panels of MD Explorer (1997)
Executive interior of MD Explorer (1997)
MD Explorer eight-seat commercial helicopter (1995)
Prototype Kamov Ka-226A displayed at Zhukovsky before its maiden flight (1998)
Kamov Ka-226A utility helicopter with production tailfin shape and passenger cabin design (1994)
Full-size mockup of Kamov's multirole Ka-115 helicopter (1998)
Kamov Ka-115 five/six-seat light helicopter (1996)
Mockup of the Kazan Aktai on show at Moscow, August 1997 (1998)
Side and front elevations of the Aktai light helicopter (1998)
Robinson R44 Astro fitted with external loudspeakers, and followed by an R22 (1999)
Robinson R44 Newscopter (1999)
Robinson R44 Clipper used for tuna spotting (Textron Lycoming O-540 flat-six) (1999)
Robinson R44 tri-hinged main rotor eliminates lag hinges, dampers and hydraulic struts (1994)
Robinson R44 light helicopter (1993)
BK 117 C-1 delivered in 1998 to TsENTROSPAS/MChS Rossii emergency relief organisation in Russia (1999)
Trial installation of synthetic aperture radar above the rotor of a BK 117 (1999)
BK 117 demonstrating the strength of its rescue winch (1998)
BK 117 alternative seating plans (1996)
Eurocopter/Kawasaki BK 117 B-2 twin-turboshaft multipurpose helicopter, with additional side view (bottom) of C-2 version (1999)
The 52nd production Eurocopter Canada BO 105 LS prior to delivery in August 1998 (1999)
Robinson R22 Beta two-seat helicopter (1999)
Robinson R22 Mariner II (1999)
Robinson R22 Beta two-seat helicopter (1999)
Early production EC 120 B Colibri five-seat light helicopter in Danish ownership (1999)
Instrument panel of EC 120 B Colibri (1998)
EC 120 cabin layout (1998)
Eurocopter EC 120 B Colibri single-engined five-seat light helicopter (1999)
Bell 407 seven-seat light helicopter (1999)
First production Bell 407 (N407BT) demonstrating newsgathering capabilities with nose and starboard side cameras and searchlight for TV München, Germany (1999)
Bell 407 rotor head (1998)
Bell 407 panel, showing standard and optional instruments (1998)
Bell 407 cabin interior (1998)
Bell 407 seven-seat light helicopter (1997)
Boeing MD 500E five/seven-seat utility and executive helicopter (1996)
Second prototype Mitsubishi MH2000 twin-turboshaft commercial helicopter (1999)
Alternative cabin layouts of the MH2000 (1999)
Mitsubishi MH2000 7/10-passenger helicopter (1999)
RAF 2000 GTX-SE autogyro assembled in the UK (1999)
Production Enstrom 480 five-seat turbine-powered light helicopter (1997)
Enstrom 480 light helicopter (Allison 250-C20W turboshaft) (1998)
First Kaman K-MAX single-seat helicopter for Japan Royal Helicopters was delivered on 10 July 1996 (1998)
K-MAX prototype N3182T carrying Magic Lantern mine detection equipment scabbed to the sides of the lower fuselage (1999)
K-MAX external seat; certification is in progress (1998)
K-MAX instrument panel (1996)
Production version of Kaman K-MAX intermeshing rotor helicopter (1993)
Prototype Masquito two-seat ultralight helicopter in its original form (1997)
PZL Swidnik Kania in Polish Police markings (1999)
PZL Swidnik Kania (two Allison 250-C20 turboshafts) (1998)
RotorWay Exec 162F kitbuilt helicopter (1998)
RotorWay International 162F hub detail (1996)
RotorWay 162F homebuilt (RotorWay International RI 162 engine) (1999)
Public debut of the Z-11 at Zhuhai in November 1998 (1999)
Changhe Z-11 in military camouflage (1997)
Vertical Aviation Technologies Hummingbird is based on the Sikorsky S-52 (1996)
VAT Hummingbird four-seat helicopter (1999)
ASI Ultrasport 254 (1999)
ASI Ultrasport 331 single-seat ultralight helicopter and optional floor-mounted cyclic with doors removed (thereby resembling the 254) (1999)
First production two-seat Ultrasport 496 trainer (1999)
Prototype Groen Hawk III (1999)
Groen H2X Hawk III three-seat autogyro (1999)
Hummingbird hovering in free flight (1999)
The Hummingbird's simple instrument panel (1998)
Current design configuration of the AVA-505 Thunder light helicopter (1999)
Greg Norman's Bell 430, showing landing gear extended (1999)
Bell 430 cockpit test-rig, showing Rogerson-Kratos IIDS display in centre (1995)
Optional instrument panels for the Bell 430 (1997)
Bell 430 fuselage structure (1997)
Rotor head of the Bell 430 (1997)
Skid version of Bell 430 nine-seat helicopter (two Allison 250 turboshafts) (1997)
BUAA M-16 single-seat light autogyro (1999)
Side elevation of Delta-V AK-21 gyrocopter (1997)
Optionally piloted prototype of the Dragon Fly Héliot equipped with a surveillance pod (1998)
Dragon Fly 333 very light helicopter (1996)
Fuji's proposed twin-turboshaft advanced medium helicopter (AMH) (1995)
Hillberg EH 1-01 RotorMouse (one AlliedSignal 36-55-C) (1997)
Instytut Lotnictwa IS-2 light helicopter prototype on test stand in March 1998 (1999)
Provisional drawing of Instytut Lotnictwa IS-2 two-seat light helicopter with modified mast and unfinalised rotor head (1996)
Little Wing LW-1 prototype (1998)
Little Wing LW-3 Roto-Pup (1998)
Mockup of the MK Helicopter MK2 (1998)
MK Helicopter MK2 (1998)
Model of the Modus Verticraft hybrid VTOL aircraft (1999)
Provisional three-view of the Modus VertiJET (1999)
Prototype Revolution Voyager-500 two-seat kitbuilt helicopter (1999)
Star-spangled Revolution Mini-500 Bravo single-seat kitbuilt helicopter (1996)
Revolution Mini-500 Bravo (Rotax 582 piston engine) (1997)
Revolution Voyager-500 (three-cylinder H1300 engine) (1999)
Czech-built UNIS NA 40 Bongo two-seat light utility helicopter (1999)
General arrangement of the UNIS NA 40 Bongo light helicopter (1998)
First public showing of the Ariel 212 (1998)