Jane's All the World Aircraft 2000
Kamov Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopter (`Helix-A') (1999)
Ka-29TB (`Helix-B') combat transport helicopter (1997)
Kamov Ka-29TB combat transport helicopter (1992)
Kamov Ka-60 prototype 601 making its press debut on 24 December 1998 (1999)
First Ka-60 utility helicopter (1999)
Pilot's instruments in the Ka-60 (1999)
Kamov Ka-60 military multipurpose helicopter (1999)
An A 129 prototype (MMX598) following conversion to Multirole configuration with five-blade main rotor, 20 mm gun turret and rocket launchers (1998)
Prototype A129 International, showing T800 engine installation, Hellfire missiles and 20 mm gun turret (1999)
Italian Army Agusta A 129 from Lot 2 (1999)
Rotor head of Agusta A 129 Mangusta showing blade retention fittings held by single elastomeric bearings, hydraulic drag dampers, and control linkage emerging from top of cylindrical rotor mast (1994)
A 129 weapon options (1996)
Agusta A 129 light anti-tank, attack and advanced scout helicopter (1987)
South Korean UH-60P (Sikorsky S-70A-18) armed with Hellfire ATMs (1999)
Prototype YRAH-66 Comanche during flight testing from West Palm Beach (1998)
Stealthy attributes are apparent in this near head-on view of the first Comanche (1999)
Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche front and rear cockpit layout (1997)
Working mockup of RAH-66 front cockpit shows two central multifunction visual displays and central input keyboard flanked by system and weapon information displays. Sidestick cyclic control is on the starboard console (1993)
Internal arrangement of the Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche (1996)
Comanche rotor head design (1995)
Head-on views of Comanche equipped for armed reconnaissance (left), attack (centre) and air combat (1995)
Boeing Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche (1995)
Trial installation of the Bell 680 four-blade rotor on US Marine Corps Bell AH-1W SuperCobra 161022 (1997)
Forward fuselage showing M197 gun and modified nose of latest AH-1W SuperCobra variant (1996)
Rear (pilot's) cockpit of the AH-1W SuperCobra (1996)
Artist's impression of AH-1Z armed with Hellfire ATMs, AAMs and 19-round rocket pods (1997)
Bell AH-1W main rotor system (1995)
Bell AH-1W SuperCobra (1995)
Kamov Ka-50 development aircraft `018' in mid-1997 configuration with positions of FLIR turret and Shkval-V sighting system reversed (1998)
Production Kamov Ka-50 operated by the Russian Army (1999)
Closeup of sensors on the nose of Ka-50 `018' (1998)
Black-painted cockpit of the Ka-50 has been adapted for use with pilot night-vision goggles (1997)
Mockup of proposed Ka-50 cockpit with two 203 × 152 mm (8 × 6 in) LCDs and central sensor imagery CRT (1999)
Ka-50 (`Hokum') single-seat combat helicopter with scrap view of gun installation on starboard side (1993)
Первый прототип Ка-31
Kamov Ka-31 radar picket helicopter with antenna deployed and landing gear retracted (1998)
Kawasaki-built Boeing CH-47JA Chinook, showing this version's radar nose (1999)
Prototype Kamov Ka-52 fitted with flight test nose, lacking chin sensors (1998)
Prototype Kamov Ka-52, showing rotor hubs, FLIR/TV sensor ball and chin sensors (1997)
Instrument panel of the prototype Ka-52 (1997)
Kamov Ka-52 weapon options (1998)
Kamov Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopter (1997)
Fuji-built AH-1S HueyCobra of JGSDF's 2nd Anti-Tank Helicopter Squadron (1998)
Fuji-Bell AH-1S HueyCobra (Kawasaki T53-K-703 turboshaft) (1993)
Fourth prototype XOH-1 in JGSDF camouflage (1999)
Cutaway drawing of the OH-1 showing (1) integrated cockpits; (2) crashworthy armoured seats; (3) FLIR/TV/LRF sighting system; (4) composites hingeless rotor hub; (5) composites ballistic-tolerant main rotor blades; (6) ducted tail rotor; and (7) AFCS with stability and control augmentation system (1999)
Provisional drawing of Kawasaki OH-1 observation helicopter (1995)
The maximum load of 16 Hellfire ATMs is carried by this AH-64D Apache Longbow (1998)
First Apache for the UK, ZJ166, pictured at Mesa, USA (1999)
The RTM 322 testbed AH-64D (85-25408) made its initial flight on 29 May 1998 (1999)
First AH-64D Apache for the Netherlands during the handover ceremony in May 1998 (1999)
Pilot's cockpit on the AH-64D Apache Longbow (1997)
Co-pilot/gunner's cockpit on the AH-64D Apache Longbow (1997)
Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow tandem-seat advanced attack helicopter (1992)
Detail of OH-58D(I) Kiowa Warrior armed with Stinger AAMs (1997)
Bell OH-58D(I) Kiowa Warrior with weapons and mast-mounted sight (1996)
Bell OH-58D MPLH configurations: (top) six external troops, one internal with equipment; (centre) 907 kg (2,000 lb) underslung load; (bottom) two casualties and one internal medical attendant (1997)
Bell OH-58D rotor head (1995)
Bell OH-58D(I) Kiowa Warrior scout and attack helicopter (1997)
JMSDF No. 121 Squadron Mitsubishi (Sikorsky) SH-60J (1996)
General appearance of the KIAT-designed KAL KMH as it had evolved by late 1998 (1999)