Air Enthusiast 1998-05
R.Niccoli - Portuguese Numerology
F-86F Sabre 5361 (formerly USAF 53-1204), part of the Museo do Ar collection, and kept at Sintra.
Alouette II 9218 (displaying its constructor’s number 1267) and Alouette III 19377 (carrying the ‘1’ prefix denoting an operational type) on the ramp at Beja.
PAF T-33As in store at Beja
T-33As from the batch 1901 to 1930 in store at Beja and awaiting a decision on their future.
Preserved Fiat G.91/R4 marked as ‘5404’ at Montyo.
In the foreground is 16501. ‘1’ for in service; ‘6’ for transport, ‘5’ for the type and ‘01’ showing it to be the first of the fifth type. ECM-equipped CASA C.212A-1 16501 of Esquadra 502 at Sintra with behind fellow 16505, a C.212A-2.
Ba.65bisL португальских ВВС, февраль 1941 г.
A Ba 65bis 555 of the Portuguese Arma da Aeronautica with the Breda “L” dorsal turret and the Isotta-Fraschini-built Gnome-Rhone 14K engine, one of ten Breda Ba.65bis operated briefly 1939 to 1941.
"Поте-25" по сравнению с "Бреге-19". безусловно, выглядел более современной машиной, но в начале 30-х устарел и он.
Pleasing air-to-air of one of a batch of eight Potez 25A-2s.
The Aeronautica Militar also acquired a single Caproni Ca.113 in 1934.
Ten Martinet TT.1s in the serial range 430 to 439 were flown 1943 to 1952.
Displayed at Sintra, near the main gate, is T-37C 2424 in the colours of the national aerobatic team, Asas da Portugal.
The sole Caproni Ca.100, No.500.
Making a comeback during 1997 was the Chipmunk, reengined with a 180hp Lycoming. ‘Super’ Chipmunk 1315 taxying at Sintra in the colours of the Academia da Forca Aerea.
A single Junkers A.50 Junior was operated 1931 to 1934.
One of two Avro 548As operated alongside the large batch of 504Ks.