Air Enthusiast 1998-05
M.Lopes - High-winged Workhorses
Smoke marker rockets being fitted to a Do 27K-2. In the background is an F-84G, a ‘customer’ for the ‘DO’ which would indicate targets
Broussard 3304, the last of the batch, with the Museo do Ar at Alverca.
Do 27A-1 3357, with non-standard BA.10 badge, flying over Beira Bay, Mozambique.
Do 27K-2 3417, from the second new-build batch, equipped with 37mm SNEB rocket pods.
In flight study of Do 27K-1 3402 showing underwing weapon racks.
Loading the underwing SNEB rocket pods with their 37mm folding-fin rockets.
Do 27A-1 3339 following refurbishing by OGMA for the Museo do Ar. It represents ‘3480’ and carries the badge of AB.2 N’Gage, Angola.
Former FAB Do 27A-1 3354 still in full FAP toned-down markings, at Belize in 1987.
Bearing the markings of the FAPLM, former FAP Do 27A-3 3454 derelict at Maputo in 1985.