Air Enthusiast 1998-05
K.Wixey - Triple One Lineage (1)
He 111V16 D-ASAR, fourth in the ‘G’ series, became personal aircraft of Field Marshal Erhard Milch, a founder of the clandestine Luftwaffe in the early 1930s.
Line-up of He 111B-1 bombers in 1937. They feature DB600 engines and still carry civil registrations.
He 111B-1 bomber, note the stepped cockpit, nose glazing/bomb-aimer’s position and ‘passenger’ windows!
Production He 111D-1 D-AOHA, with ventral radiators and DB600Ga engines. The ventral gun‘dustbin’ is lowered.
Heinkel He 111B-1 as used by two staffeln of KG88 in the Spanish Civil War during 1937.
Heinkel He 111V4 D-AHAO ‘Dresden’, was the second commercial prototype.
Carrying civil registration D-AYFO, a Luftwaffe He 111B-1 with DB600 engines, showing off the type’s early style wing planform.
Heinkel He 111E-3 three-view with (top) additional view of the He 111D-1.
He 111 V1 prototype with original elliptical wing planform and powered by BMW VI 6.0Zs driving two-bladed propellers; He 111A-0 of the pre-production batch, based on the He 111B with extended nose compartment; He 111B-2, essentially similar to the He 111A-0, but powered by DB600CGs; He 111C-0 commercial transport; He 111V4 and V5 powered by BMW 132Dc and 132H-1 radials served as prototypes for the He 111G-3 commercial transports. Note new straight tapered wing of simplified construction; He 111D-1, planned variant with DB600Gas and enlarged radiators.
He 111J-1.
Heinkel He 70G-1 D-UBOF, the fast single-engined civil aircraft from which evolved the concept of the twin-engined He 111.