Air Enthusiast 1999-11
M.Passingham - Latham's 'Boats
An intriguing dead front view of a Latham 43 HB-3 of the Berre Escadrille in 1927. It succeeds in showing a lot of detail and is worth studying!
Aircraft No.7 of Escadrille 5R1 in flight near Berre in 1927. Note the additional roundel on the upper surface of the horizontal tailplane, a feature on some French contemporary flying-boats.
A Latham 43 HB-3 in full national markings under tow by a launch from Frejus-St Raphael bears the ‘Tete de Sioux’ Red Indian head of the testing and experimental Escadrille of St Raphael.
A Latham 43 HB-3 in service with Polish naval aviation (MLD). It appears that eight of the type were ordered by Poland, although some reports refer to just three aircraft in service. Polish aircraft were Lorraine-powered and carried distinctive Viking insignia.
Latham 43 HB-3 No.14 of Escadrille 1R2 at Cherbourg, 1925.
Latham 47 No.4 about to unstick from the Seine near Caudebec.
Aeropostale Latham 47P with its beaching trolley. The company’s logo is painted on the bow.
A STUDY IN WAVE-MAKING: The Latham type 1, twin-engined flying boat.
Latham L-2 F-ESEJ ploughing through the Solent. It failed to participate in the 1923 Schneider contest held at Cowes, Isle of Wight.
First of the Latham Schneider Trophy flying-boats, L-1, registered F-ATAM.
The Latham L-2 at Caudebec-en-Caux.
Latham E5 at Caudebec-en-Caux
Latham HB-5 ‘CH 10’. The markings indicate that this is the tenth aircraft in the inventory of CAM Cherbourg-Chantereyne.
A Latham HB-5 in civilian guise. Note the ‘F’ nationality marking on the white segment of the tail tricouleur and that the gunner’s bow position is retained.
Latham E5 at Cherbourg-Chantereyne in 1923.
A Trimoteur at CAM Cherbourg-Chantereyne in 1921.
First flight of the Trimoteur from the Caudebec-en-Caux works in 1919.
Another view of a Trimoteur at Cherbourg.
The Latham Colonial flying-boat on its tailor-made launching stand.
Latham 230 cv No.01 floatplane before its crash