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R.Niccoli - Italian Flair
An MB.326H of VC-724, Australian Navy with an A-4G of the same squadron in the 1970s.
Half of the impressive flight line at Lecce air base in the 1960s. This was the training base where the Italian AF produced all its pilots, and continues to do so today.
I-ADIA was the first of four MB.326D delivered to Alitalia, the Italian flag carrier, in May 1963 for pilot training at its school at Brindisi.
Тунис закупил MB-326 трех модификаций. Восемь учебных MB-326B, способных наносить удары по наземным целям, были получены в 1965 году. В 1977-1978 годах было поставлено восемь одноместных штурмовиков MB-326KT, которые пришли на смену F-86 Sabre. В заключение закупили четыре MB-326LT, представлявшие собой двухместный вариант MB-326K. В 2012 году уцелевшие самолеты состояли на вооружении 11-й эскадрильи на авиабазе Сиди-Ахмед/Бизерта.
Y81505 was the fifth MB.326B delivered to the Armee de l'Air Tunisienne in 1965, still wearing the first grey livery.
An Impala Mk.1 of the 'Silver Falcons' aerobatic team with the new livery, taken at Hoedspruit in December 1996.
A formation of two MB.326KDs led by a MB.326LD in flight over Dubai in 1978, just after delivery of the 'KDs.
Impala Mk.1 N162TP of the National Test Pilot's School, Mojave, California, October 1994.
MM54385, an MB.326E at Venegono. May 1994, was when the last aircraft was refurbished by Aermacchi for the limited use of the Italian Air Force
0613, the first MB.326GB for the Armada Argentina, at Venegono in May 1969, before delivery.
Taken in May 1987 at Pratica di Mare. MM54290, one of two MB.326Gs in service with the AMI and assigned to the RSV, at Pratica di Mare in May 1987. It retained its unusual silver finish
An Impala Mk.2 1019 of the 85th CFS taken at Hoedspruit in July 1994.
Probably the last MB.326 built by Aermacchi, G-717 of the Ghana Air Force, at Venegono in February 1995. It was originally built in 1979, probably for the Force Aerienne Zairose.
RAAF MB.326H of 2nd OCU in a recent camouflage colour scheme.
MM54217 'SST-4', at Venegono in March 1985, an MB.326E assigned to the Scuola Standardizzazione Tiro Aereo (Flight Weapons School) at Decimomannu, Sardinia
4554, an AT-26 Xavante of 4th EMRA, taken in Brazil at the end of the 1970s.
Taken on an unknown Tunisian air base in the late 1970s, a flight line of recently-delivered MB.326KTs armed with live bombs and rocket pods ready for operations.
MB.326E MM54384 '2-83' of 602a Squadriglia Collegamenti of 2° Stormo, at Treviso in June
Still wearing the old national markings, FG-460, the first MB.326GB purchased by the Force Aerienne Zairose at Venegono, May 1970.
AF-2001, the first MB.326GB for the Zambia Air Force, at Venegono, February 1972.
The second MB.326M built by Aermacchi for South Africa, at Venegono in January 1966
MM54390 at Venegono on March 23, 1976 with the new civil registration I-IVAO, used for marketing demonstrations abroad.
An unusual operator of the type was the 503“ Squadriglia Collegamenti based at Vicenza, home of the 5th ATAF Command. MM54384 taxying at Venegono in February 1985.
The last days of training operations of the MB.326 at the SVBIA at Lecce, 1982. On the flight line in the background the new MB.339As are already in service
MM54187, the 37th series example on loan from AMI, was converted by Aermacchi into the demonstrator of the MB.326B, and received the civil registration of I-MAKC.
The first aircraft produced for the Dubai Police Air Wing, MB.326LD 201, before delivery at Venegono in summer 1975.
December 10, 1957; the first prototype MB.326, MM571, fitted with a test probe on the nose, takes off on its maiden flight.
One of the AT-26 Xavantes (EMB.326GC) received by Argentina from Brazil in 1983 at Punta del Indio, December 1990.
Embraer's Sao Jose dos Campos plant, in January 1978, showing the Brazilian production line for AT-26 Xavantes.
The two MB.326K prototypes (I-KMAK 'RS-25' and, in the background, I-AMKK 'RS-24') in the colours of the Italian Air Force Test Wing (RSV) taken en route to the Farnborough airshow, in September 1974.
A formation of four RAAF MB.326Hs from the 2nd OCU at Williamtown shortly after delivery.
Flight line of MB.326Fs of the Ghana Air Force at Accra air base, probably in 1966, just after delivery.
One of the first six MB.326Es built for the Italian Air Force, seen at Venegono on April 24, 1974.
The first prototype, registered I-MAKI, at Venegono in April 1959 before the tragic tour in Egypt.
MM571 taken at Pratica di Mare air base, on test activity with the Italian Air Force, March 9, 1959.
The final assembly area at Venegono, with one of the first MB.326Hs for Australia near to completion, 1967.
The first prototype of the MB.326G, the MM.54289 (I-BAGJ) taken at Venegono in 1967, before its first public appearance at the Le Bourget airshow.
MM572, the second prototype, in flight over northern Italy, with the civil registration I-MAHI.
MM54391, I-IVAP, with RSV markings on tail, at Farnborough in September 1976, showing its wide selection of external stores.
Y81021, seen, was the first MB.326LT for Tunisia, Y81021, at Venegono on November 10, 1977.
Front control panel of the MB.326E, the Italian Air Force armed trainer version.
The mock-up of the MB.326C, the proposed trainer aircraft for the Italian F-104 fighter pilots.
Aermacchi MB.326K.
Aermacchi MB.326C.