Air Enthusiast 2001-07
D.Gordon - TAC Recon Masters (1)
RB-26B, 30th TRS at Hahn in the winter of 1954.
An RB-26 30th TRS, 66th TRW, Sembach, 1954. This aircraft carries the yellow chevrons on the underwing tanks as well as on the tail
Douglas RB-26 Invader 44-35375 of the 30th TRS, 66th TRW, at Sembach, 1954.
Pictured at RAF Wethersfield’s Armed Forces Day in June 1957, RB-57A 52-1456 of the 30th TRS, 66th TRW, proved to be a visitor not usually seen in the UK.
RB-57A, 30th TRS, 1957. The squadron colours were yellow
RB-57A 52-1456 of the 30th TRS, 66th RW at Wethersfield Armed Forces Day, June 1957.
T-33A 50-371 of the 303rd TRS at Sembach, 1953. Note the sheep grazing - they kept the grass areas very neat!
RB-66 4421 of 19th TRS, 66th TRW, at Wethersfield Armed Forces Day, 1957.
Jackie Collins' sister of Joan, and (to some!) a very accomplished author, visited Sculthorpe and had an RB-66 named after her.
RB-66B, 54-506, 19th TRS, Sculthorpe, 1957.
RB-66 54-430 of the 19th TRS. In common with the RB-45s, the RB-66s of the 19th did not move to Sembach but remained at Sculthorpe, supported by the 47th Bomb Wing
RB-45 Tornado, 8027, 19th TRS.
RB-45 Tornado 8036, 19th TRS, 66th TRW, 1957. The 19th TRS was attached to the 47th Bombardment Wing prior to assignment to the 66th.
RF-80A 4485242 of the 303rd in company with RF-84F 51-1933 at Sembach in 1955. This was the second RF-84F to be assigned to the squadron.
RF-80A 45-8475 keeps company with the first two RF-84Fs delivered to the 303rd TRS, 51-1933 and 51-1894.
RF-80A, 45-8325 at Shaw AFB prior to the departure for Germany, July 1953. Note the luggage in the camera bay.
En route for Germany, RF-80A 45-8412 of the 303rd TRS at Blue West One, Greenland.
Captain Bob Sweet with RF-80A 45-8425 at Sembach in 1954. Bob Sweet was a veteran of Korea where he flew T-6s, Mustangs and the RF-80A. After the RF-80 he went on the fly the RF-84 and the RF-101C.
The maintenance team poses briefly for a snap while working on RF-80A 45-8365.
1st Lt James R Tansey poses at Sembach with his speed machines, 1955.
Three of the 'Bald Iggles' of the 302nd TRS over Luneville, France, 1955. There were four members of the team but photos were invariably taken by the slot man, Russ Tansey
The 'Bald Iggles' acrobatic team near Toul-Rosiere, France, in the spring of 1955.
RF-80A 45-8475 undergoing field maintenance during an exercise in Germany.
RF-80A, 45-8310, en route to Sidi Slimane, Morocco, over the Atlas Mountains
Preparing RF-80A 44-85168 of the 303rd TRS for flight, 1954.
Arrival at Sembach, July 19, 1953, 303rd TRS commander Jean K Woodyard with RF-80A 45-8302. Colonel Rose is on the right talking to Woodyard.