Aeroplane Monthly 1980-09
R.Gillman - Pilot's progress (5)
This short-nosed Blenheim Mk I, serialled L1382, is seen over Basra, Iraq, in 1941.
A Bristol Blenheim IF, photographed in 1941. The code letters FV indicate that the aircraft was on the strength of No 13 Operational Training Unit.
Bristol Blenheim IV L4853, possibly being flown by A. J. “Bill” Peggy Bristol test pilot. Pegg was later to succeed Cyril Uwins as chief test pilot of the company.
Blenheim IV L4853 being flown by Bristol chief test pilot Cyril Uwins. This particular Blenheim was flown by No 2 School of Army Co-operation and crashed on August 5, 1940.