Air Enthusiast 1994-09
S.Bohill-Smith - On the Wings of a Klemm
The DH 82a Tiger Moth was restored first, followed by the Klemm. Both aircraft are finished in their original Swedish Air Force training colours.
The only airworthy example of a Klemm L 25 in the UK is G-AAUP, Clementine. Built in 1929 and powered by a 9-cylinder 40hp (30kW) Salmson engine the 43ft (13m) wingspan shows the type’s gliding ancestry.
‘180’ at Flabob airfield, California, March 1994.
The matt olive fuselage and orange wings make the aircraft very visible in the air. The red signalling light on the top decking and the glider towing hook can be clearly seen.
The KI 35D is fully aerobatic with the oil system allowing two minutes of inverted flight.
Lars de Jounge and the newly-restored Klemm KI 35D at Corona Airport, Los Angeles, California.
At this year’s Watsonville Fly-in the Klemm was made to feel more at home by the use of artificial snow (white plastic sheeting) and the replacement of the tyres with the original snow skis. As the temperature was in the 80s, a mannequin was dressed in Swedish Air Force winter flying gear. Note the pilot’s skis strapped to the side of the fuselage.
View of the rear cockpit. Due to the use of anti-friction bearings there is no requirement for oil temperature or pressure gauges. Note the flare pistol and cartridges on the lower right side.