Aeroplane Monthly 1980-11
B.Gunston - The V-bombers (2)
The second prototype Vulcan, VX777, flying over Farnborough on September 7, 1953, four days after its initial flight.
The second prototype Vulcan was powered by four 9,750 Bristol Olympus turbojets.
Vulcan B.1 XA903 was used as the development aircraft for the Blue Steel nuclear weapon.
An early production Vulcan B.1 at the 1955 SBAC Show at Farnborough.
First squadron to receive Vulcan B.1s was No 83 Sqn RAF, based at RAF Waddington. This picture was taken in September 1957, two months after the squadron received its first aircraft.
An early production XA891, seen during the 1955 year.