Aeroplane Monthly 1980-12
Personal album
Vickers Victoria III J8234 at Hinaidi. No 70 Sqn was the first RAF unit to receive this troop carrier, during August 1926, and the type remained in Iraq until replaced by Vickers Valencias in 1935.
Vickers Victoria III J7924 after a gale had wrapped it up into a ball at Ur on May 22, 1928. At the time the aircraft was on operations over the Southern Desert and was flown by V.Insoll.
Vickers Vernon J7541 flying over the River Tigres, Baghdad in 1927. The Vernon was a troop carrier powered by two 450 h.p. Napier Lion engines. J7541 flew with No 70 Sqn and Plt Off Spaight and Mr Steer are just visible in the cockpit. Note the inspection panels on the top wing.